What We Do

Helping poor and rural people in Nigeria understand and take control of their health...

Medical Financial Assistance Program

The vision of CBHI is to provide intervention strategies, and support to the administration of preventive health care services in Nigeria’s underprivileged and rural communities, allowing vulnerable and poor individuals and families to achieve access to healthcare services.  To attain this, CBHI is taking leadership and resource mobilization role in addressing the social and economic determinants to health care as they impact individuals, families and communities.

Action to Improve Health Literacy

In today’s communication-rich environment including rural and poor communities in Nigeria, individuals and families look to many places for information about their health and safety.  Nevertheless, most of the available health and safety information out there is too technical, too complex, and visibly too elusive about recommended actions for poor and rural communities in Nigeria.

Nigeria’s Medical Mission & Volunteerism

Volunteers, especially Nigerian medical and allied health professionals at home and abroad, can plan and take time off to volunteer service to poor and rural communities, working with local people from the inner cities and rural areas of Nigeria.  Alongside other volunteers, a volunteer support patient seeking health care in communities, in local clinics and in local hospitals. This unique and caring program is open to Nigerians and non-Nigerians with an interest in health care, as well as medical students and professionals.