About Us

CapacityBay Health Initiative

CapacityBay Health Initiative (CBHI) is a not-for-profit healthcare and humanitarian relief agency which focuses on and specializes in medical and emergency relief services in rural communities. CBHI was founded in late 2017 in Nigeria as a healthcare and humanitarian division of CapacityBay Inc based in the United States.

As a healthcare and humanitarian relief agency, CBHI offers primary and community health care support to vulnerable and underprivileged individuals and families in rural communities in Nigeria, using a variety of means and approaches.

CBHI was birthed from the realization that most vulnerable and underprivileged individuals, families and communities throughout Nigeria (a nation of about 200 million people) lack access to basic health care due to several factors which include but not limited to financial constraints and poor healthcare system resources.

As a result of the preceding observations, CBHI works to promote measures and interventions that ultimately result in reduction of preventable   Morbidity and Mortality in Rural Communities in Nigeria.


The vision of CBHI is to provide intervention strategies, and support to the administration of preventive health care services in Nigeria’s underprivileged and rural communities, allowing vulnerable and poor individuals and families to achieve access to healthcare services.  To attain this, CBHI is taking leadership and resource mobilization role in addressing the social and economic determinants to health care as they impact individuals, families and communities.